Creed Outdoors Sling Saddle Combo

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The Sling Saddle Combo - Right Shoulder
The Sling Saddle Combo
The Sling Saddle Combo
The Sling Saddle Combo - Left Shoulder
The Sling Saddle Combo
The Sling Saddle Combo
The Sling Saddle Combo Instructions

How do you carry your gun while hunting? 

Do you stow it away in your pack for a hands free hike, sling it over your shoulder and hold there, or carry it in your hands to keep it handy for when you need it in a hurry?

With the Sling Saddle Shoulder Clip and Belt Unit Combo you can carry your rifle completely HANDS FREE. The Rifle Sling Saddle Combo offers a solution to a common problem that hunters struggle with when carrying a rifle on their shoulder. 

The Shoulder clip easily attaches to your backpack shoulder strap, is fully adjustable, and very easy to use. Simply pull it out of the packaging and slip it onto your favorite pack strap.  

The Sling Saddle Belt Unit attaches to your belt or hunting pack to help secure your gun at your waist and limit movement. The pouch on the belt unit holds up to 12 rifle shells, and can store other items such as a GPS, range finder, muzzle loader reloads, etc.  

With the Pack Adapter, you're able to easily attach the belt pouch to your pack. The Pack Adapter is included with your purchase of a Sling Saddle Combo.

With the Sling Saddle Combo, you can be prepared to quickly remove your rifle from your shoulder and shoot quickly! Once you try the Sling Saddle Combo, you will never want to be in the field without it. Many hunters will purchase multiple so that they have them for their family, friends, and of all their packs. The simplicity and convenience of the Sling Saddle Combo makes it a must have sporting good product.

The Sling Saddle will last for years to come. No matter what sling or pack you use, the Rifle Sling Saddle is your solution.

You will love this new lightweight hunting accessory. It's versatile, simple, and easy to use.



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