About Us

Creed Outdoors is an Outdoor Hunting and Fishing gear company. We are a family owned business and the creators of The Sling Saddle.  We had a goal as a family to begin creating products that solve problems and improve your outdoor experiences. One of our first products created is the Sling Saddle. For years, as hunters, we struggled with the same thing every hunter struggles with . . .  How to deal with an unruly rifle sling when we were hunting.  One day during a hunt, out of this frustration, we had an idea. “What if we created a tool to make it so I could use my hands for whatever I needed when hunting and not have to worry about my rifle falling off my shoulder? “ On that day, the Sling Saddle was born.  For years, we have worked hard to refine the design, to make it lighter, stronger and easier to use.  We’re pretty excited with what we have come up with and think you’ll like it too!   

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