Frequently Asked Questions


Sling Saddle Combo

The Sling Saddle was created to make it easier for you to carry your Rifle, Shotgun, Muzzleloader, etc... while hunting with a sling. It prevents the rifle sling from sliding off your shoulder and secures your gun at your hip, which delivers a hands-free experience.

The Sling Saddle shoulder clip & waist pouch frees up your hands and delivers the hands free hunting experiences you've always wanted.

Following the instructions below will help to ensure you have the best possible experience when using the Sling Saddle.

Step 1:  Comfort is Important

Sling Saddle Shoulder Clip

The Sling Saddle Shoulder Clip was created to help keep you comfortable in the field. Its primary purpose is to prevent your rifle sling from sliding off of your shoulder. When clipping the shoulder clip onto your backpack strap or Bino-Harness shoulder strap its important to remember to place it where it feels most comfortable for you.  It is recommended to wear the shoulder clip on our upper chest area an inch or more below your collar bone.  

Caution: Placing the shoulder clip too high on your strap could become uncomfortable for you after a long period of time.

Step 2:  Why do I need the clip on my waist?

Sling Saddle Pouch w Clip

The Sling Saddle Pouch attaches to your waist as a second contact point for your rifle sling. It secures your rifle where you want it and prevents it from swinging around.

Many hunters often hold their sling at their waist because of the constant movement that occurs while hiking.

The pouch clip attaches to your belt and hooks onto your sling. It secures your gun at your side while still keeping your gun readily available at all times.

Step 3:  How to properly secure the pouch and clip?

Sling Saddle Combo Instructions

The Sling Saddle belt unit is designed to attach to your belt, on your waist.  

The Pouch is designed to work on either your right or left side, depending on the variation you purchased. It is important to install it on the correct side or your pouch could be upside down during use. 

even if you decide to use the pouch on the opposite side, this waist clip will still work as designed and can secure your rifle. 

Please use the instructions in the image to properly secure the pouch to your waist.

Step 4: Get out there and use it!


Frequently Asked Questions

The Sling Saddle works best, when used. Don't forget to bring it with you on your next hunt. You'll regret it when you're fighting with your sling that keeps sliding off your shoulder.

Moving thought steep terrain, climbing over deadfall, moving through thick brush, etc.  You wont regret having your sling saddle with you on your next hunting trip.

The Sling Saddle has improved our hunting experiences, and we are way more comfortable in the field because of it. leave your Sling Saddle Shoulder Clip and Pouch with your hunting gear at all times. When you know you are going to be carrying a gun with a sling, your Sling Saddle should always be with you.

We'd love to see photos from your hunts where you've used the Sling Saddle. 

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